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My life has been one long battle with a chocolate bar! I have decided to take action!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Back to the Blog and 5 stone lighter!


I know its been a very very long time since I last posted and I do apologise!
I gave up weight watchers after fighting too many loosing battles with food!
I didn't diet for a while and the weight crept back on and I decided that I wanted to loose weight but in a different way...
I browsed the internet and found a website and a different type of diet that has completely changed my life


I started this diet in April last year which basically consists of shakes, soups, bars etc and I have lost 5 STONE!!

Its amazing, I feel so much better about myself - I can get out and about more, have soooo much more energy and It really does work! Im back to blogging now as I still have a LOT of weight to loose but Im definitely going to get there now!!

Take Care
Rachel xx

Friday, 21 May 2010

This weeks weigh in...


Weighed in this morning and have lost another 4 lbs! This is great news - the weight is still coming off and I haven't strayed off the beaten track as far as eaten forbidden foods are concerned etc

I feel great for it as well - my BMI has gone from 54 to 47 which is a great change and all though I'm still in the morbidly obese section - I can already feel the health benefits (for a start walking up the three flights of stairs to my flat doesn't kill me anymore!)

I hope you all do well in your weigh in etc this week! Lets keep it up for the summer! I have brought a blender now so that i can make my shakes into make shift frappacino's! lol
Speak soon

Thursday, 20 May 2010


Went to see Hot Tub Time Machine last night at the cinema - well it was very good! I haven't laughed that much at a movie in a long time! Its a bit like the hangover - but with a fantastic 80's vibe!
Would defiantly recommend - enjoyed it very much lol

I have one of those unlimited passes at cineworld cinemas - so for 13 pound a month I can go to see films as much as i want - though i have to pay extra for the 3D films (about 2.00 ish) I go and see most films as the cinema experience makes films great
Next few films I'm looking forward to are Sex and The City - Eclipse (Twilight Saga) - My Family Wedding - Death at a funeral (which looks really good and has Chris Rock in it) plus the A-Team...
I could go on but i wont bore you! :)
Have a great day people x x

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Hope everyone is ok and doing well - how great is it that the sun is finally here! God knows how long this going to last but as i have a couple of days off I am going to enjoy it - if we count last summer sun - it will be gone by the weekend!! lol
Diet has been going well - trying a few other flavour this week as i have not been feeling (enjoying) the soups as much as i have been - perhaps its coz the weather has got warmer - trying as many as I can to find ones that id like - the fruits if the forest and strawberry are quite good - ill be trying some more next week!

Im going swimming and also to the cinema while being off - need to start doing some exercise now im shifting this weight so i dont start to sag - that is one of my fears - ive seen articles in mags about people that have got loose skin and thats something i really dont want!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Another great weight loss!


Weighed in this week and have lost another
this is great as thats 2st now and in one month! So pleased!

Things are on track and the diet is so easy to stick to as there is so little room for error - unlike weight watchers and slimming world where you can eat anything as long as you count it - I have my shakes and my small amount of chicken/tuna/fish with veg etc!
Roll on another week - for hopefully another great result at the scales

Friday, 7 May 2010

Hello, Hello, Hello!

Its been one busy week!

Weighed in this week on wednesday - as my consultant had been on holiday and i have lost another 6lbs! AMAZING! I am really pleased that i am doing so well and its keeping me very motivated to continue!

Have been working nights this week - so have been grumpy, tired and this is normally when i give in to treats - but i have declined chocolate fingers, cookies and cake at work this week and i am very proud of myself!

Got a great tip from a colleague the other day that i am now doing! She suggested adding two/three drops of Bio Oil to my daily body moisturiser which will help any stretch marks I may get whilst I am loosing weight... Im doing it now and will have to see if it does work!

Have another weekend off - not planning to go out in the evenings or anything - but im going flying with the air cadets on sunday and going to the local market near hemel on saturday with a friend for a gossip while we look round!
Have a good weekend everyone!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

weekend off!

I have had a weekend off - its seem like its been forever since my last one! (I only get two weekends of every five due to my shift pattern)
I have really enjoyed it - friday went to costco after work to have a mooch around - picked up some chicken which i am allowed on my diet - also some spices and i got a really goof deal on 2 large bottles of bio oil! Very pleased!

Saturday i went to the hairdressers - which was long overdue and had a complete change - cut and colour and highlights, felt great when i walked out...
Then headed over to get my mum a birthday pressie - that took me ages as i never know what to buy her
Had a night in - chilling out in front of the tv - watched new moon instead of britians got talent - anyone else not enjoying this years compared to last years??

Today tried to go to a car boot sale with my dad - but it was rained off - so we went to one of the local garden centres and dad picked up a load of great flowers and plants for the garden - he then dropped me off and i headed into watford - where i went straight to LUSH and brought some bubble bars and bath bombs - some wrapping paper etc for mums pressie and also some dvds from HMV - got home and spent the afternoon watching the following:
Harry Brown - Brilliant movie!
Tattooist - Horror - but as i like tattoos i was kept entertained...
Marine - How could i not enjoy a film with wrestler JOHN CENA in it!
Now im settling down for FIVEUS evening episodes of CSI!!

Weighing in on wed this week as my consultant is on Holiday - think it going fine i have only eaten food thats on the ok list and have been drinking my shakes when needed! Ill let you know - enjoy the bank holiday!