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My life has been one long battle with a chocolate bar! I have decided to take action!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Opening New Doors....

Hello Everyone...

Its been a while - or lets be honest a very long time and I have got to that point where enough is enough. I love my new job, however I have let everything slide and have put the weight back on that I started to loose - so frustrating but the only person that I can blame is myself.

I need to stop making excuses for everything that I do and just start doing the right thing - I know what i need to do - so why am i not doing it??

I am going to start with small goals and work from there - try and loose half a stone at a time - try to exercise every other day for a start and go from there - my biggest problem is i bite too much of the apple and then cant cope with what ive bitten off!

Lets hope the worm has turned and is now on a new leaf!

Im going swimming later - thats a start!
Rachel xx