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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

So much time has passed!

Hello All,

As the title suggests... I have been flowing down the river of defeat and have not bee happy about it! I dont know what came over me - I dont want to blame it on anything in particular - just myself!

I havent been following any plan at all and that my own fault no one elses!

Need to get back into the 'weightloss mode' and stick to it! The warm weather will help as i do feel more motivated when the weather is nice and sunny...

I am not going to beat myself up about it - i know where I am going wrong and I know exactly how I can change things - its just the doing it that can be hard!

Take Care - Rach x

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Getting back in the swing of things...

Hi - Hope your all ok??

I have been a busy bee these past couple of weeks - what with my new job and everything!
I scored 94% in my Induction Knowledge check (I was so pleased)
Now I am learning computer systems, there are so many codes and functions to remember i have no idea whether its all sinking in or not - Im sure my next knowledge check in just over a weeks time will make it all clear, hopefully! lol

I lost 3 lbs last week - which is a small amount when you look at the fact that i put on a large amount a few weeks before, but its a step in the right direction!!

Well this evening I am going to have a relaxing eve - not sure what Ill do - perhaps watch a film but i do need to do a revision session! I dont want to fail!

Take Care - Post again soon x

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Working Hard


I have been working really hard in my new job this week. We have been going through lots of information and I have to be tested on it all on Friday! Im worried that I wont have remembered all of the right information! Stress! lol

Food wise, I have had money issues this week - as when you change a job you have to go for longer without being paid and I have had to eat everything left in fridge/freezer/cupboards and it has been interesting!

Today I had some cous cous and added to it a salmon steak as I had nothing else! Its been hard pointing as I cant really plan what Im eating as I can only choose from certain foods, but lets hope it will be ok.
Plus, I get paid on monday so everything will be back to normal again and I cant wait!

Something that does worry me about my new job.... I am going from working a typical 9-5 job (if you could ever call my old job that!) and ill soon be on a shift pattern that included nights.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to stick to the plan when your up all night??
Any suggestions would be great!

Till next time... x

Friday, 5 June 2009

Another Day...


Well this week has flown by, not sure how I have done this week - ill find out im sure this weekend!
Haven't done much else this week other than work - but I did watch the start of BB this week.
I wanted to see who had gone into the house - the usual bunch of wierdos!! lol

Have a good week everyone!!

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Oh my God.......

I cant believe how long its been since I last posted! I really need to make more of an effort!
Went to weigh in this morning to get back into the swing of things again and give myself a swift kick up the backside!! I can tell you it really worked - I am not going into the details but I have put on weight and I am not impressed with myself!
This has to stop!

Going to plan meals this week and track like mad - hopefully this will pay off next week! Fingers crossed!!

Ill post again - Promise!


Thursday, 7 May 2009

Fallen by the Wayside...


I have been really and I mean really not following the plan!
My company have started to install their new computer systems and as I'm part of the training department I have been designated to train the managers in their branches. Great or so I thought.

The hours are absolute rubbish - getting up @ 4am and sometimes not getting home til 8pm staying in hotels where the food is chips or nothing at all!
I am hating myself for letting it get this far - but its not been easy!

The one thing I can aspire towards is my new job! YES - I can finally let people know that I am leaving my C*ap company to join the Police doing communications! I really cant wait only just over two weeks to go!

It can only get better from here!!

Plus Panic is setting in as I am doing Race 4 Life in 1 weeks time - Aggghhhh!!

Rach xxx

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Good News!


First off all I must apologise for not blogging for some time...
I have had a lot of things going on recently and there hasn't been much time to get on the net and blog! Lame excuse I know but Ill get better at it I promise! :)

I have had excellent news - the job I told you all about ages ago has finally come through and been confirmed! Yay!!
As of May I shall be working for herts police!! I am leaving the old job behind and going to pastures new and really really looking forward to it!

I have handed in my resignation and that felt amazing - I have so unhappy and it hasn't helped my weight loss at all! Now I can focus on my new job and I know everything else will fall into place!

I must dash now though as I have a body shop party this eve and I need to sort my flat out as its not exactly in the best condition at the mo... blog soon

Rach xxx

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Birthday Munchies....

to me!!
Oh dear,
This week is not going well at all!
As it was my birthday this week (8th) I have been going out for meals with friends and family and the diet hasnt been going as well as I had planned!
I am writing off this week entirley and I am not going to let it get to me as I am not going to give up just because I have enjoyed my birthday!
Everyone deserves the od treat now and again, allthough I did take it a bit far!

Back on the plan again - plus I am going to do some extra exersises this weekend to try and make up for the extra calorie food!
Ill let you know how it all goes!

Happy Easter everyone!!

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Another good day at the scales!

Afternoon everyone!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I forget to thank people for taking time to read about whats going on with me.

So....thank you and I hope your enjoying what your reading!

WI this morning - even if I think I have had a reasonably good week, I still feel a bit apprehensive when I step on the scales. I'm not not sure why, perhaps the fear of the unknown and the scales never lie do they??

Well... I needn't of worried about anything as i have lost 2lbs!!

Again, I was very pleased things are starting to move in the right direction (I had a few stale moments over the xmas and new year period) but I have now lost 18lbs!

At my meeting this morning, we have all entered a little "Step into Summer" mini goal... We are allowed to set our own goals which would cover the next nine weeks. This was to help focus everyone due to Easter, and the several bank holidays coming up!

I have decided to go for my 10% goal (19st 9lbs)

Its a few pounds away but its something to aim for and I did need to give myself a small goal to work towards - If I was always working towards my Gold Goal I would always be disappointed as its so far away!

I will come across a few issues this week though! I am going to Wembley tomorrow to watch Luton Town play Scunthorpe United and as I'm in the Bobby Moore Suite we get hospitality included I will have to go easy on the food!

Its my Birthday on Wednesday - Ill be 27! Going out for a meal with the family, but ill be taking my "Eating Out Guide" with me so I can make some good choices rather than going straight for the chocci pudding.

I have planned some exercise though which will give me a few extra points to play with - Pilates this morning - aqua on Monday and Thursday and on Good Friday, the gym and some swimming afterwards!

Lets hope it all works out ok!

Have a great week!
Rach xxx

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Too much time on my hands?

Perhaps I do have too much time on my hands...
I have just worked out on the WW website, that if I go for 10% goals... I can achieve my Goal weight of 10st 7lbs after 7 of them.

Please see below:-

  • Current 10% Goal - 19st 9lbs
  • Next 10% Goal - 17st 10lbs
  • Next 10% - 15st 13lbs
  • Next 10% - 14st 5lbs
  • Next 10% - 12st 13lbs
  • Next 10% - 11st 9lbs
  • Next 10% - 10st 7lbs GOAL Weight for me!

I do have a question though - the last 10% is 1lb away from being in my healthy BMI section for my height. Would I have to make my GOAL weight then 10st 6lbs??

Have a good afternoon
Rach x

Sunday, 29 March 2009

A little less of Rachel....

Morning all,

Have been swimming this morning, Im on the ball today! Shame I wasn't when I woke up, completely forgot about the clocks going forward! Good job I didn't have any appointments booked!

Last night I measured myself again to see if any more inches had fallen off since the last time I checked...

Previous Measurements:
Upper Right Arm = 17 inches
Waist = 48.5 inches
Hips = 54 inches
Right Thigh = 33.5 inches

New Measurements:
Upper Right Arm = 16 inches - 1 Inch Lost!
Waist = 48 inches - 0.5 Inches Lost!
Hips = 54 inches
Right Thigh = 33.5 inches

So, only a slight change, but that is still 1.5 inches less of me than before!!

Plus including the last time i measured that's a total loss of 6.5 inches which I'm really happy with - slowly but surely my body is changing for the better!

Right, I need to get organised as my flatmates are coming home from holiday tomorrow and I said I would run a few errands for them!

Take Care,
Rach xx

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Weigh in...

Hi again...

I went to the WI meeting this morning with high hopes as I though I had done well this week. I have stuck to tracking and it really helped me - I know I keep banging on about it, but it really does work and it has given me more motivation as I can see the results!

I lost another 3lbs this week! This means in total I have lost 16lbs which means I have at long last hit my 1 stone target!


This also means that I have reached by 5% target as well, which has given me a great boost!

I have more motivation that ever now and am going to push forward for more good WI results like the past couple of weeks...

I was reading some of the community threads on the WW website and I came across one that was talking about goals and how long it would take to reach them.

I worked out that if i loose an average of 2lbs a week (giving myself a few weeks for xmas and birthdays etc) I would reach my goal weight of 10stone 7lbs by December 2010.
I know this a long way off, but I need to do things slow and steady - I have a lot of weight to loose and it not going to come off overnight!

I am going to plan my meals for the whole week this afternoon - I don't normally shop on a weekly basis as I like to do it once a month. However I have been finding after about two weeks I am running out of the basics as well as fruit and veg and am spending more than ever of food.
When I get paid this month I am going to plan each week in advance and then go and buy exactly what I need - this way I can only eat whats there and there is no room for cheating by snacking on rubbish I have picked up on the way round Tesco!

I also made the honey roasted swede soup that was in the little magazine you get each week at the weigh in... it was really tasty and the good thing, I have three portions left to enjoy! lol

Have a great week everyone - I hope your weigh in's all go as well as mine!

Rach xxx

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mothers Day Meal


Happy Mother's Day to all Mum's out there I hope you are having a wonderful day!

I have had a great day and its been weightwatchers recipes all the way!
I made my mum a recipe that is in the new weightwatchers magazine - Pineapple and mint smoothie.
You need:
Mint leaves (ideally fresh)
Natural Yoghurt
Blend it all together and add a tiny bit of sugar if the pineapple is a bit tart!

I made it this morning for my mum (as a breakfast treat) and she loved it, plus I have got the rest for breakfast tomorrow morning - plus its only 2 points per serving! Yum...

Later on I started cooking the Roast Lamb, which I have never cooked before and was a little wary of doing so, but I needn't of worried as it turned out to be really nice, slightly pink in the middle and really tasty and I had pierced the leg and inserted garlic and rosemary before roasting it!
I put with it loads of roasted veg - butternut squash / corgettes / onion / parsnips / broccoli. I added some one cal spray so that it didnt stick to the pan and roasted nicely and also sprinked some garlic and a vegetable oxo cube. Which gives it some good flavouring!

Mum said that she really enjoyed it, and that's good enough for me - plus as everything we have eaten today was cooked from a weighwatchers recipe it was easy to point and none of us have gone over our points - I have 5 and a half to spare!

I am still being hot with my tracking and jotting everything down, then updating the weightwatchers esource tracker in the evening. I have also started to label everything in my kitchen with points values to make sure that anything i use has the points on it and I can add everything up quickly and easily!

Well, I'm just about to watch CSI as I missed last weeks episode - enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

Rach xxx

Saturday, 21 March 2009



Good news - I weighed in this morning, to discover that I have lost 3lbs! I am so pleased as I have stuck to tracking so much this week to see if it makes a difference and it looks like it does!

This means that I am back to loosing 13lbs and almost to my first stone!

I treated myself to some roasted butternut squash and some other root vegetables for tea this evening with some backed salmon with honey and mustard - it was beautiful, one of the weightwatcher recipes!!

I brought the weightwatcher magazine this week at the meeting and there was a smoothie recipe in there.... Mint and pineapple! I have always thought about making a smoothie for breakfast rather than cereals or toast so I went out and brought the ingredients. (Not that there was many, Pineapple, mint and natural yoghurt)
Ill let you know how it goes and if you should try it!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and ill blog again soon!

Rach xxx

Thursday, 19 March 2009


Hi again,

I am finding the tracking really good, it has also been helping me make a few more conscious choices while I am around food! The test will be when I am not near a computer - as I wont be able to add to my WW points tracker straight away.
I still think I am going to take pictures of the food I am eating and log it all at the end of the day. I think this will work for me as I do under estimate the food I eat! Not good!

My mother and I have changed plans for the weekend, I am going to cook her a WW recipe on Mothering Sunday instead of going out for a meal. The whole family at the moment is on weight watchers so we can all have a nice dinner together and not have to worry about all those 'hidden points'

Does anyone have any good suggestions for a sunday meal?? I was looking at the garlic and Rosemary lamb recipe on the weight watchers website - but if anyone has anything better, let me know!

Rach xxx

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Ups and Downs...

Hi there,

I know I haven't posted for the past few days, apologies to everyone but there has been a lot going on!

I have been to two weigh in's - The first - 2 weeks ago I had lost 2lbs :)
The second - Monday I had put on 1lb... :(

I knew that this may have happened as I went out for a meal for a friends birthday, I did try and plan but I do get a bit weak when I go out for meals - I must remain strong! :)

I have changed the way I track - I normally get to the end of the day and write down what I think I have eaten. However, after the WW meeting this week they said that most people forget about 30% of the food they eat through out the day, so I am taking pictures as I go when I cant write things down and also keeping the weight watchers point planner open all day and update it as I eat.
This is making me more aware of what I am eating and also by taking the pictures (just on my phone) I am even more aware of the portion sizes, which can sometime be an issue!

I am taking my mum out for a meal this weekend, but we have both decided to go to the Harvester as we can choose from the salad cart which is free and filling plus they always happy to swap the chips for jacket potatoes etc - which is great!

Have a good one, blog again soon.

Rach xxx

Tuesday, 10 March 2009



I wasnt impressed with my hotel stay to be honest - the room was lovely and the service was great however there wasnt enough selection of foods for me on the restaurant to be able to make a decent choice. Chips were served with everything and they didnt seem to know what a Jacket Potato was!

Needless to day I got by ok - after caving in and eating some of the chips... Woops
I havent got to weigh in until sat this week, due to work etc so i have a few days to make up for it!Im going to go swimming after work today and claw back some of those extra points!! lol

Have a good week!

Rach xxx

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Lost Purse...

Hiya People!

I am not in the best of moods this morning as I have managed to loose my purse, have absolutely no idea where it is!!
The worst part is, I am in Birmingham and on the way to Manchester so cant go home to look and also cant go back to my work's head office (which is the place I last remember seeing it) How annoying!!

I have cancelled my cards, but some of the things in there are irreplaceable, plus I resent having to pay for a new driving licence!!

Oh well, lets hope its at home somewhere waiting for me to return on Saturday eve!!

Have a better day than me!! Lets just hope this doesn't distract me - I'm not good with stress...

Rach xxx

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Sticking to the plan...


Well, so far this week I have been able to stick to the plan without too much trouble. A few of my Birmingham courses have been cancelled due to poor attendance so I have been closer to home, not having to get up as early or drive as far - so can plan meals, lunch and dinner! It has really made a difference.

My issue this week is going to be thurs/fri as i am staying in a hotel in manchester so wont be able to cook my own food and have to rely on restaurant food. Not good.

There is a gym and swimming pool there though, so i think ill take my cossie and go for a swim to try and work some of those 'hidden' points that are in all restaurant grub!!

Have a good week people, ill post more in manchester!!

Rach xxx

Sunday, 1 March 2009

A Brand New Day...

I woke up this morning feeling motivated and thinking that this is going to be a good week! I still feel rough but this can only get better - coughs and colds don't last long! :)

I have filled in my tracker this morning with my breakfast details:-

- Weetabix Minis and Skimmed Milk

- Tea with 1 sugar (which is that silver spoon half stuff)

= 4 points

Not bad!

One thing I am really bad at is planning and tracking - I can plan what I want to eat though the week, but something happens and everything then changes and the rest of the week seems to slide. Plus I also eat things and then as I haven't written them down forget about them and go over my points allowance.

I'm going to be more pro-active and try and think ahead, I can see from the meetings if you make the time and take the effort it does pay off!

Today is going to be low key for me, I have a yoga class at 11.30 and I'm going to do some light training for race for life afterwards. I cooked a Sheppard's pie yesterday, so I don't have to worry about dinner.

I do have a questions for you good cooks out there...? When I was in the kitchen yesterday I found that after adding tinned tomatoes the whole dish seemed, well a bit tasteless to be honest, I had put mixed herbs and some seasoning in there but it didn't seem to make much difference.
I was trying to move on from using the jars of sauce (dolmio/Ragu etc) and do it from scratch - anyone have any suggestions??

Rach xxx

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Weigh in...


Well I took the plunge, held my breath and went back to weigh in this morning!

I was pleasantly surprised as I have lost 2lbs! This is really good news as I was really expecting the worst, that I had put on loads and wasn't looking forward to it at all.

I was surprised and re-motivated, all my previous hard work had still paid off and I could carry on with out having to focus on the damage I had caused.

I stayed to the meeting - met some really nice people, we were talking about filling foods, points and planning ahead which is something I am going to focus on this week!

I did manage to find some pliates on the net and downloaded a free e-book - Plus Im going to the gym and yoga tomorrow, so I'm back on track! Yay...
Have a good weekend everyone, Im still feeling pretty rough with this cold so I'm staying in this weekend to relax!
Rach xxx

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Im deceiving only myself...

I have just read my last post - I almost laughed!
Its Thursday, I haven't been to the gym yet, have found a Pilates workout on the net (but my pc wont let me download it) and I have had chips for tea once this week.

I am at a bad stage! :(

I'm hoping that this is a momentary lapse and Ill be able to pick up again asap. I know what it is, as I have been working all over the place I haven't been weighing in! And what do you know, I have gone off track!

This is not good, especially with Race for Life as well!
I think I need to find a meeting and get inspired!


Rach xxx

Sunday, 22 February 2009


Good Morning...

I have been researching on the best way to train and prepare for Race for Life and I think I'm going to go with the treadmill, walking and then a light jog as well as warming up on the cross trainer and cooling down on the bikes... If i did this 2/3 times a week I should be ok for 3 miles come May.

I have been a bit complacent with exercise lately though... With the hours I have been working and the fact I'm ill again, i keep putting it off. I haven't been able to make my pilates classes as I have been working weekends which is frustrating as I really enjoy them!

I think I'm going to research pilates/yoga on the Internet and make up my own workout that I can do at home at least I can do something when I cant go to class! The walking and jogging I will HAVE to fit in on the way home from work etc and be more determined to go.

Targets for this week...

1. Use the slow cooker to make a casserole etc so I don't have to cook when I get home.
2. Make a pilates workout from the Internet and do 20/30mins every other night.
3. Get to the gym 3 times this week for Race for Life training.

Well I must start as I mean to go on and start looking at the net for tips!

Rach xxx

Saturday, 21 February 2009


Hope everyone is ok...

Feeling on the rough side at the mo, I have picked up my flat mates cold and am going to through tissues like nobody's business! lol
My hair appointment yesterday was great, I love my new hair do! Will have to take some pics so you can have a peek!

Taking my sis shopping today as it was her birthday last week. Have prepared for eating out by having a large breakfast plus im going to take a few low cal snacks with me in case I get the urge to eat rubbish!
I had scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast, plus my usual two cups of coffee! Does anyone know the best type of sweetener to use, I am still finding it hard to drink my coffee without normal sugar, the sweetener gives it a really odd taste...

Got some good news yesterday, but cannot divulge just yet as I need it confirmed then I can let you all in!

Have a good day people - :)

Rach xxx

Friday, 20 February 2009

Race for Life 2009

Hi again,
Blimey two posts in one day - you will all think there is something wrong with me! lol

I have just signed up for Race for Life 2009! I am going to do the Weston-Super-Mare event on the 17th May - its on the beach and its with a couple of friends, I think its going to be a great day!

I have never done anything like this before and don't particularly like running (which may be an issue?) does anyone have any tips on what I can do to prepare etc?? All comments are welcome as i need all the help I can get! :)

I have set up a fundraising page and linked it on my blog, so if anyone would like to have a look and sponsor me please do - every penny raised goes to such a worthwhile cause!

Have a great day everyone, Im going to watch the rest of Jeremy Kyle now! I love that programme! lol
Rach xx


I have some days off! yay!

Its been hectic at work and I haven't really had time to stop and reflect on what I have been doing about my weight loss journey. And, lets be truthful I have been using this as an excuse to not follow my plan! Not good! I need a reality check!

Last night I finished of the lasagna I made - which i must say was yummy (so not bad there)

This morning I have had a large coffee and have replaced my normal two sugars with half spoon sugar (does this lower the point value at all??) I then had some weetabix minis, I am normally real fussy when it comes to cereal as I don't like anything that goes soggy but the minis weren't too bad you just have to eat them at a faster rate! lol

Shh don't tell anyone but I am waiting on some news about a couple of interviews I have been to this past week, one for the police and another for a training role. I should find out today about both so wish me luck!

Im off to have my hair done today, some colour and a good cut then ill go to the gym later (get back into the swing of things) before I can settle down for another night of rubbish tv. I may watch CSI??

Monday, 16 February 2009

One Long Week....


Last week must have been the longest week of my life! Driving for miles on end, staying in hotels who think rooms should be heated to sauna standards and no healthy food in sight!

I haven't got home early enough when i did go home to do any exercise as i had to get up again at 5 the next morning to go back to work - it really started to hurt by Thursday!

Anyway its all over now and I have been able to relax today, though i have found it really hard to wind down, brought a few things from asda and I'm going to cook a lasagne tonight... yum!

Hope everyone has had a good week and Ill post again soon...!

Rach xxx

Monday, 9 February 2009

I have arrived!


I am in Manchester now, drive up was ok thought I may have had to wade through various snow storms but I didn't even have a flake! Marvellous!

Looking at this evenings menu at the hotel and I do not have much to choose from, I think the chicken stir fry is going to be the best bet! I do like the sound of the lamb shank and the surf and turf but I want to be good this week and the many hotel stays aren't going to make it easy!

Will be going to back to me weigh in's next monday.... So i have this week to do as much as I can to take off those excess pounds I know I have gained since straying off the beaten track!

Went to the gym yesterday - only for half and hour mind but I don't want to kill myself, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to tackle my cross trainer warm up with out too much strain and also added on an extra minute! I am very pleased!

I know this has nothing to do with weight loss but I wanted to tell you about this really good film I watched last night.... Disturbia! It was really good, would highly recommend it! lol

Rach xxx

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Pilates (Or However you spell it)

Hi Again...

Just a quickie - I went to Pilates for the first time yesterday so I could relax and build my core muscles (I have come to accept that my core muscles are made of mush and I need to build them!) I really enjoyed it and found it relaxing, but also quite hard at times.

The question I ask is - Should my body ache this much?? I hurt more this morning than I would if i have done a workout in the gym... weird or what! lol

Rach xxx

Computers?? Sometimes I cant stand them!


Again another apology for no blog for some time now - my pc decided that it didn't want to connect to the Internet, and wouldn't load anything either?? I then tried to connect using my flatmates pc and it wasn't having any of that either... It didn't like my usb stick as their laptop already had one on there....?
So, for some reason this morning its working and I can finally get blogging again.

Though to be honest I haven't been sticking to the diet at all... I am really unhappy at work at the moment and I have been using this as one lame excuse to eat rubbish and think that its all ok.
I know its wrong, and as i haven't been able to get to my normal weight watchers meeting I have been cheating, and this has made me more angry with myself!

Well, today I am going to get back to it. This week is going to be hard and I am going to have to be really strict with myself. Monday I leave for Manchester and stay in a hotel there until wed, where I drive to Weston-Super-Mare and stay at a colleagues house (I don't want to stay in another hotel) Thurs I am Swindon then drive up to Birmingham to stay in another hotel, Back home on Friday night.... Not fun when your trying to eat healthy foods - But I'm going to give it my best shot!

Have a good week everyone!

Rach xxx

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Not much going on...


Thought I would blog to say Hi and keep you updated although nothing much has happened to me that has been remotely interesting! lol

I am still fighting to get rid of my cough and onto my second bottle of cough medicine now - not amused!
I wanted to try Pilate's, people have been telling me how good it was - phoned up the gym to book a place and was told by the lady at reception that it was fully booked! My gym is never fully booked, its on an industrial estate and it pretty much empty at a weekend! Damn New Years Resolutions!!

I'm going to book in for next week instead.... how advanced am I??

This week I am going to Scotland to run a course, its in Rosyth near Edinburgh. Have never been before so I think I will be in for a treat - loads to see and do while I am there!

Rach xxx

Friday, 9 January 2009

Issues with the computer!

Hi again!

Apologies for this blog being a bit on the late side - our computer at home has decided to not let us load Internet explorer... every time we click on the icon on our desktop it tries to load and then closes!! Odd (If anyone has any suggestions about what we could do let me know please!)

Weigh in on Monday.... was nervous as I assumed the worst and got to there really early so that on one else could see me if it was as I suspected.
However I was pleasantly surprised as it wasn't as bad a gain as I had expected - 3lbs!
This is a lot better than what I thought and means that I did reasonably well over the course of December! yay!

I hope everyone else has had the same luck or even better, my dad managed to loose 2lb over the Xmas week, that man is determined!

This week has flown by I don't know if anyone else feels the same? I haven't felt great this week either - I have yet another cold with a cough that just wont shift, this has annoyed me as i was planning on getting my exercise back on track but I'm sure I'll feel better and be able to breath properly again soon!

Take Care....

Rach xxx

Friday, 2 January 2009

You can't stop the beat!


Hope you are all well and feeling refreshed in the new year!
The most energetic thing I have done today is watch Hairspray on DVD!

It is now one of my favourites - its not only all singing and dancing, but for everyone who is carrying a few extra pounds it reminds us that if we put our minds to something we can achieve it!

Plus its a great mood lifter!

I did have a really nice meal today... I am new to the likes of butternut squash. I would look at it with disgust while walking through tesco's! :)
I took the plunge and decided to give one a go as people were always telling me how nice it is!
Well... I had to peel it which was hard enough, then i discovered that there were seeds i had to remove! It was turning out to be more than I bargained for!

However after chopping it into chunks, using the one calorie spray, some salt, pepper and mixed herbs - I roasted them for an hour and it tasted delicious! I will defiantly be buying it again!

Till the next time!

Rach xxx

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Xmas Pictures!

Thought I would upload some pictures of myself from Xmas so you have a better idea of me!

These are going to be the pics I use when I get in the Weight Watchers Magazine for reaching my Goal!
Could be a while! lol :)


This is me and my mum!

This is me and my dad!

And finally me, possibly after a few wines! lol

Rach xxx

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year 2009!
I hope that everyone had a fantastic evening and saw in the new year in style!
Me... well I was at home and watched telly while drinking WKD - Watched the new year celebrations in bed and promptly fell asleep! Style?? I think not! lol
I was planning on having a friend over and we were going to have a few bevvies with my flatmate but she cancelled last minute as her son's unwell and I told my flatmate to go see her fiance - Sad i know but its not the end of the world! :)
Weighed myself this morning and according to my scales I have put on 4lbs over the xmas period! I am weighing in on Monday so I will soon see of this is the absolute truth or not!
(I am slightly scared)
New Years Resolutions....
1. To loose weight and stick to the plan
2. To blog more, I keep forgetting and that is not a good enough excuse!
3. To make more time for myself
4. To set realistic goals
5. To not take things to personally (that may take some doing!)

2009 Goals!
1. By Spring (My Birthday April 8th) to Loose 1 stone!
2. By the Summer (The 1st July) to Loose another 1 stone!
3. By Autumn (The 1st October) another 1 stone!
4. By Winter (The 1st Jan 2010) 1 stone!

That's a total of 4 stone for 2009! And I am going to work real hard to make this happen!
I am going to fashion some sort of monitor on this blog!

Good luck everyone this year on your weight loss and goals! Its a brand new year and the slates are wiped clean!

Rach xxx