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Monday, 17 November 2008

Another Pound Hits The Dust!

Well hello everyone!!
That lump of disgusting stuff there is 1LB of fat, which i lost today at weigh in!
I am so pleased as i have been feeling so rough and was certain that i was heading for a gain this week... How wrong was i!!
On a day off from work today - weighed in this morning with my Dad! That's right my dad has now joined weightwatchers and within 4 weeks has lost 9lbs, I am proud!
He has been told this week to eat slightly more points so that he can even out his weight loss (i don't think anyone is likely to say that to me!) lol
I have an odd week ahead of me, some stays away and running courses in several places where the food choice isnt the best, i am going to use this day off to Plan PLan PLAN!!
Hope everyone else has had a great week and i will see you all later
Rach xxx

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Hi there guys and gals....

I haven't posted in ages and I feel really guilty!
If it wasn't work that was keeping me away, it was the fact that I have tonsillitis and have been feeling sooooooo rough..... not nice I can tell you!

Have been prescribed penicillin which does seem to be working, although I can tell I have some way to go yet! :(

As for my weight watchers journey - I was getting worried as i haven't been able to weight in this week... due to not being able to focus from pain and not being able to get out of bed - however i haven't been naughty food wise either. I purely haven't had the energy to even worry about food! (That was a first and a sure sign I was ill!)

I have been weighing in on my scales at home and there doesn't seem to be a drastic change... which is good news.
I will defiantly be able to go on Monday - so I will soon see!

Update on the Tarot card reading...
There have been some developments... On the three men situation etc but I cant really divulge at the moment!!
You will have to wait a bit longer.... :)

Take care and I everyone is well and not taken down with the bug that is going round!

Rach xxx

Saturday, 1 November 2008


Hiya again

Forgot to let you know about my inch-loss!!

I measured myself on week one with the help of my mum, please see below...

Right Upper Arm - 18.5 Inches

Waist - 50.5 Inches (that was a shocker I can tell you!)

Hips - 55 Inches

Right Thigh - 34.5 Inches

Now on week 4 (last week) I measured myself again and the NEW results are as follows!

Right Upper Arm - 17 Inches 1.5 Inches lost!

Waist - 48.5 Inches 2 Inches Lost!

Hips - 54 Inches 1 Inch Lost!

Right Thigh - 33.5 Inches 0.5 Inches Lost!

That's an incredible 5 Inches in 4 weeks!!

I am impressed!

Rach xxx

Not the best week I've had

Hello again...

Happy Halloween!!

Well this must be the worst week i have had slimming so far!!!
Because it has been so damn cold this week, i have been more reluctant than normal to go to the gym - which is not an excise and i know this.... but it doesn't stop me from feeling it! lol

I started the week all well and good... had my tarot read on Wednesday which was really interesting - the ex was never going to be right for me and there may have been some deceit on his side (which i found very interesting) I have three new men around the corner (One blond with blue eyes, another dark and another one dark with olive skin - uuummmm!!) a baby has been seen in the future (I don't know if i should be worried about that or not) and moving house and possibly moving abroad with one of these men, it was such a good reading! I felt great afterwards!! Lets hope it happens...

Shame this feeling has not been reflected in the food i have been eating this week... and i know my downfall! I HAVEN'T PLANNED!!

If i had planned my meals this would never of happened! I would have known the points, not got tempted by that BP Wild Bean Cafe on the way home from Brum the other night and not eaten the work's meals at the training centre!! WILL I EVER LEARN?

There is only one good thing (If you can call it good) I am not able to weigh in at weight watchers this week as i am away with work and wont get back til late.

I am going to take this as one lesson well and truly learned and next week will have some better results!!

Rach xxx