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Monday, 27 October 2008

Back on Track!


I lost another 2lbs this week! Back on track and rearing to go!

I was so pleased when I got on the scales and found out that I was going in the right direction - I was really worried after last week that I would stay the same again or even put on... thank god it worked out OK!

Had our work meeting today - it was OK, talking about the new developments and making sure our team works together as effectively as possible... same old stuff as normal! lol

Going back to stewarding at Luton Town Football club tomorrow night. I haven't been able to go to a single home game to steward since the season started as I have worked every single Saturday for my normal job! Just my luck... hopefully it will start to change.

Going to find myself a tape measure this week and measure the points the weight watchers journal recommends - I did it on week one and am interested in seeing if i have lost inches as well as pounds!

Ill keep you posted!

Rach xxx

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Gym workout!


Hope everyone is ok today and enjoying the weekend??
I went down to the gym this morning for the first time after having my personal plan put together and i really enjoyed it! And, I AM being honest!! lol
Everyone there is so friendly, there are never any queues for the equipment!
I think i am fitting in quite nicely - so I am taking my mum swimming there tomorrow!

Have been good today with my food - have planned and even have a few points left on my day for a glass of rose this evening, yummy!! lol

Have a great evening, and catch up soon


Friday, 24 October 2008

The weekend at last!


My god! It has been one long week!

I have been pretty good this week - gym plan has been set up and haven't eaten anything disastrous...

Body Jam this week at my new gym was brilliant! I enjoyed it so much and would defiantly recommend it to everyone! The only way i can describe it, is dancing aerobic style!

We salsa'd for the warm up, then did some hip hop and club moved for the main session and then cooled down to Nickelbacks 'I wanna be a rock star'

I was knackered when it finished, but the sweat and tiredness was sooooo worth it!

Watching the wrestling at the mo (it has to be WWE) HHH and the undertaker are about to have a showdown! Im a John Cena Fan myself, how can you not love his bod! lol

Oh - and i must apologies to my nominees for the I LOVE YOUR BLOG award, i didn't message/comment people.... I broke the rules! Damn it! Sorry guys and gals

Rach xxx

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Nominated.... I love your Blog!!


Thanks Bryher hill for nominating me!

In return I am following the rules (see below) and nominating the following seven blogs also:


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Im still new to all if this - but Im finding the inspiration amazing reading that you guys all feel the same as I do!!


The rules of the nominations are as follows:

- The nominated is allowed to put the picture in their blogs
- Link to the person who awarded you
- Nominate seven other people and link to them also
- Leave a message on those people to make them aware they're nominated


Rach xxx

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Had a laugh...


Had a really good day today at work. I as running a stockloss course and its all about group participation, the more they get involved the better the course runs - and well, the trainees were great they got really involved and came up with some brilliant answers!

As for eating, today has been OK. I am going back to planning what i eat before and as i am now going to esporta... i can earn more points to help me shift those pounds for my Christmas target!!

Oh - eastenders is on shortly... must dash! (short and sweet - just like me! lol)

Rach xxx

Monday, 20 October 2008

Stayed the Same this week...

Hello all,

Sorry its been a while since my last post - it has been a hectic few days!
Went round a friends and drank way too much wine and didn't go to bed until 4 o'clock the next morning - i was knackered on sunday!

I went for my appointment on sunday with esporta - wow, its really nice and i didn't need much convincing to join I can tell you! It is more expensive than i would normally pay for a gym... but i was so impressed (spa, sauna, steam room, huge gym and loads of fit guys working out! Yum lol)

I went swimming this morning there as well, getting my money's worth!

Weighed in this evening... and i stayed the same - probably something to do with the pizza and wine i have had this week.
I must do better next time! I need some inspiration - looks like ill be at my new health spa more than i thought! lol

Rach xxx

Thursday, 16 October 2008



I did a bad thing last night and ate a huge portion of Domino's Pizza! It tasted great at the time and I really enjoyed it, but blimey the guilt I am feeling today is ridiculous! Plus as I ate it half way through the week am I going to loose on Monday! The mind boggles!!

Going to write today off as one BAD experience and start again tomorrow, a little dancing session on the playstation and hopefully I'll loose a pound or even stay the same!

My determination still battles on...

Rach xxx

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Another loose!


Sorry for no posting yesterday - By the time I got in from WW I was tired, had some dinner and zonked out in front of the telly! Is this really my life!! lol

I lost 3lbs this week!! I am SO pleased. This makes 9lbs in total now, I am finally following the plan properly (why has it taken so long for me to do this??) and I am feeling really positive!

Made a couple of phone calls yesterday about joining a local gym.
I was a member of a local one, but kept finding it was a nightmare to get into the classes (you had to phone up at 9am 7 days in advance to get in!!) The swimming pool was always chocca, plus most evenings the pool is closed to the public for galas and schools etc (is that really worth the cash??)

I phoned a private gym called Esporta, check out the
website http://www.esporta.com/ it looks amazing!
The guy I spoke to was really nice and told me about everything they offer - something I am always worried out when I go to a gym is 'gym people'. The only way to describe them, is people who practically live there and give evils to others like me 'not skinny and all muscles' I think its a have to be there experience!! lol But from what he told me, everyone is really nice - plus at the weekends hardly anyone is there (as it is on an industrial estate and used mainly by the local companies)

Well, I mist admit I was impressed, but somewhere that nice has to be expensive doesn't it?? Ill find out on sunday as I am going for a tour and consultation - Ill keep you posted!

Take Care
Rach xxx

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Busy Weekend!


I Have been so busy this past weekend - I haven't had time to think about 'snacking' etc!
I worked this weekend, so have been running an admin course friday and saturday... The course went well and I think the trainees enjoyed themselves as well as learning a thing or two!

Food wise, I was too tired when I got in from work to snack on anything bad points wise, I made a really nice bacon and cheese pasta which lasted for both days - Yum!!
Watched X Factor, which was brilliant, some really good contenders this year - however was gutted when Bad Lashes was sent home, as one of the girl's is the daughter of one of my companies Regional Managers. The whole company was routing for them, but it obviously wasn't enough! :( Nevermind!

Had a great nights sleep and it was up and visiting another wedding show with my flat mate (the bride) and her mum on Sunday. It was at Hatfield House, Herts and we had a really good time! There was a fashion show there, which displayed some really beautiful dresses - a Bag Pipe player, a classical singer and a guy who could really play the bongos! It was really entertaining... plus we have managed to save £50 off the budget! Yay! I am getting better at this PA job I have been given!
I did however eat a really yummy raspberry and white chocolate muffin when we stopped for a drink at the restaurant! I really don't know what came over me! Damn the temptation - I need to be stronger! lol

I am slightly worried about my weigh in tomorrow - purely because I lost so much last week and I want to do well, I am frightened to fail!.
I haven't exercised this week at all, I could say that I haven't had the time, but honestly I was tired when I got in from work this week and couldn't be bothered (must NOT do that again next week)
Ill be happy with just a 1lb loss! Anything more than that is a complete bonus!

I have set myself a goal for Christmas - Loose 14lbs I think this is achievable and I will keep you updated on my progress...

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Rach xxx

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Jaffa Cakes?


Was feeling so much better today after that nasty headache, so I managed to eat 5 jaffa cakes in very quick secession!
Do I feel guilty?? Not one bit - I washed them down with a nice cup of rosy lea and enjoyed every single one!! :)

I have also been promised by one of my trainees, some home cooked onion bahji's when I see him next (which is in two weeks time) and i cant wait! Ill have to point them into my diet as best I can!!

Is it normal to think about nothing but food when your first start weight watchers??

I wake up thinking about food, my next thought is about lunch, then a mid afternoon snack, followed by dinner, dinner and more dinner!!

I'm sure this phase will pass - kind of like a honeymoon period in a relationship, but unlike that I want these constant thoughts about food to leave me alone!!

I'm going to love ya and leave ya - otherwise i'll be here all night!!

Rach xxx

Head Ache


Sorry I didn't post last night - I was running an assessment at work (the trainees take an exam on what they have learned over their induction) they are intense at the best of times, but I came home with a stonking headache - ran a bath and went straight to bed!!

Ill post more tonight!!

Rach xxx

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Helping a friend...

Today has been a really weird day!!

I have been really hungry all day for no known reason! The only thing I can think of is that because I lost 6lbs at this weeks weigh in - and I want to keep it up, I am subconsciously not eating enough! Who knows!!

I went to one of my branches for a scheduled visit today and the sh*t had hit the fan - all hell had let loose as the managers daughter had taken money from the branch safe and the manager was beside herself - party because she knew that something like this would cost her her job!

That was not a nice situation to walk into this morning - but at least I wasn't thinking about food!

Once I got home, I checked out facebook and was really touched by some of the really nice comments friends and family had sent me about my weight loss - made me smile!

I am off to one of my friends houses tonight, she has recently split up with her partner and our task this eve is to put all of his belongings into boxes for him to collect... I thought that she should have someone with her who knows the effects of recent heartbreak! (I'm doing surprisingly well actually)

Lets just hope she doesn't want to order a take-away!! Aaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Below are some more pictures of me before I started this incredible journey!!

More tomorrow - Rach xxx

I liked this pic - shame James is in it though, could replace him with John Cena and some digital photoshop! lol

On holiday in turkey - I was knackered as I had walked ages to get to the castle and up the steepest hill ever... it was worth it for the views though!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Today is the day!

Hi again...

Today has been a reasonably good day... work involved helping one of my trainee's with a a few staffing and training issues (I am a Regional Training Officer) which went really well, which is always encouraging!

I have eaten well, planning I believe is the key - when I know what I'm going to eat because its already planned, I cant cheat!!

When I got home from work, I discussed some of the wedding plans with my flatmate...
We went over the budget plans and was really impressed with the outcome - its amazing what girls can come up with when it comes to cash, budgeting and weddings!!

I was so worried about the weigh in today, I don't really understand why. Perhaps its the fear or not knowing the outcome - Have I lost any weight?? Have I gained or stayed the same?? It was all to be answered...

I breathed in, stepped on the scales... I had lost 6lbs!
I am so pleased, I worked so hard this week and the results have definitely paid off!

Everything is coming together - and I know this time I have the determination to succeed!

Bye for now xxx

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Day before weigh in!


I was initially worried about last night and the thoughts that I would be eating some kind of high pointing fast food - I don't know what i was worried about as I had a chicken kebab with loads of salad, problem solved!

My arm is not hurting anymore, but itching - should I be worried about this?? I know people say itching is a sign of healing but one does wonder!

Food wise I have done ok today, yogurt and fruit for brekkie and pitta and humous for lunch... this eve I have a chicken stir fry planned - listen out for the fire alarm!

I have been appointed as my flat mates PA (wedding planner) for her upcoming wedding in 2010 and today we went to a wedding fair in Watford for some ideas.
I must say, I have never been to a wedding fair before - and I was impressed, we got a little goddie bad when we arrived with brochures and magazines in.
As we walked around we weren't harassed by hard selling sales staff, but were able to ask questions and take leaflets etc in our own time.
I will say there was a huge chocolate fountain there that my flatmate has fallen in love with and is definitely going to book! Will have to save a fair few weight watchers points for that eve then! lol

Its my first weigh in tomorrow evening and I am slightly anxious about how I have done. One thing I am not going to do is weigh on my home scales as it will give me an incorrect view and i may get excited/depressed for no reason at all! I must stay strong!!

Going to spend this eve at home with Harry Potter (On tv tonight) then its back to work on Monday - marvelous!

Ill let you know how i did at weigh in... Wish me luck!

Rach xxx

Saturday, 4 October 2008


Good Morning!

My arm is killing me! Plus the bandage keep slipping off - Marvelous!

I'm off out this evening, but there is a strong chance a take-away is going to be involved which I am going to find hard... I may offer to cook then I can control what i am eating! I don't want to ruin things so early on!

I am also proud of myself as I am going to drive this evening... this means I cannot be tempted by that lovely alcohol and also means I can get home - kipping on someone else's sofa isn't that comfortable!

Right, I'm keeping this short and sweet today... don't want to ramble on. Wish me luck as I am going to get the PS2 Dance mat out and use my Britney Spears dance mat game - I'll probably break my neck! lol

Rach xxx

Ps, another pic, this one is from my holiday to Turkey in June! Ignore Monkey! lol

Friday, 3 October 2008


Hello again...

Have just been to the doctors, I was having an implant removed from my arm (there is no point in keeping it now I have no boyfriend! lol)

She weighed me... again I held my breath, and according to the doctors records I am lighter than I was a few months ago, which I am taking as a good sign!

I told her about rejoining weight watchers and she wished me well! Yay!
Then she took the implant out, and I have three steri-strips and a bandage on my arm now! :(

Rach xxx

First Time for everyone!

Hello, and thank you for visiting my new blog...

I have never tried anything like this before, but i thought i would give it a go as i have been reading some other weight watchers members blogs and it has inspired me! I hope this can do the same for someone!

I joined weight watchers on Monday (I'm not going to lie is wasn't the first time I had joined) and when I stepped on the scales I thought I was going to die

21st 11lbs!

That's not news I found easy to swallow, nearly shed a few tears!

However, I am determined this time that I am going to change. I recently split up with my partner and this has made me re-access my whole life and what I want from it... and I want to be slimmer and healthier!

I have always had issues with weight, I think it stems from me giving up Judo at 17 and never really doing any form of real exercise since.

I'm 26 now... have been told I have polysistic ovaries and if i don't loose weight it could limit my chances of having children.

Talk about motivation!

I have set myself with a target of 10% (which is 30lbs) to aim for first, and my mini goal is to loose a stone before christmas!

In my blog, Ill keep you updated on my weight watcher weigh In's and how I'm doing generally!

Wish me Luck

Rach xxx