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My life has been one long battle with a chocolate bar! I have decided to take action!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Back to the Blog and 5 stone lighter!


I know its been a very very long time since I last posted and I do apologise!
I gave up weight watchers after fighting too many loosing battles with food!
I didn't diet for a while and the weight crept back on and I decided that I wanted to loose weight but in a different way...
I browsed the internet and found a website and a different type of diet that has completely changed my life


I started this diet in April last year which basically consists of shakes, soups, bars etc and I have lost 5 STONE!!

Its amazing, I feel so much better about myself - I can get out and about more, have soooo much more energy and It really does work! Im back to blogging now as I still have a LOT of weight to loose but Im definitely going to get there now!!

Take Care
Rachel xx