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My life has been one long battle with a chocolate bar! I have decided to take action!

Friday, 21 May 2010

This weeks weigh in...


Weighed in this morning and have lost another 4 lbs! This is great news - the weight is still coming off and I haven't strayed off the beaten track as far as eaten forbidden foods are concerned etc

I feel great for it as well - my BMI has gone from 54 to 47 which is a great change and all though I'm still in the morbidly obese section - I can already feel the health benefits (for a start walking up the three flights of stairs to my flat doesn't kill me anymore!)

I hope you all do well in your weigh in etc this week! Lets keep it up for the summer! I have brought a blender now so that i can make my shakes into make shift frappacino's! lol
Speak soon

Thursday, 20 May 2010


Went to see Hot Tub Time Machine last night at the cinema - well it was very good! I haven't laughed that much at a movie in a long time! Its a bit like the hangover - but with a fantastic 80's vibe!
Would defiantly recommend - enjoyed it very much lol

I have one of those unlimited passes at cineworld cinemas - so for 13 pound a month I can go to see films as much as i want - though i have to pay extra for the 3D films (about 2.00 ish) I go and see most films as the cinema experience makes films great
Next few films I'm looking forward to are Sex and The City - Eclipse (Twilight Saga) - My Family Wedding - Death at a funeral (which looks really good and has Chris Rock in it) plus the A-Team...
I could go on but i wont bore you! :)
Have a great day people x x

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Hope everyone is ok and doing well - how great is it that the sun is finally here! God knows how long this going to last but as i have a couple of days off I am going to enjoy it - if we count last summer sun - it will be gone by the weekend!! lol
Diet has been going well - trying a few other flavour this week as i have not been feeling (enjoying) the soups as much as i have been - perhaps its coz the weather has got warmer - trying as many as I can to find ones that id like - the fruits if the forest and strawberry are quite good - ill be trying some more next week!

Im going swimming and also to the cinema while being off - need to start doing some exercise now im shifting this weight so i dont start to sag - that is one of my fears - ive seen articles in mags about people that have got loose skin and thats something i really dont want!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Another great weight loss!


Weighed in this week and have lost another
this is great as thats 2st now and in one month! So pleased!

Things are on track and the diet is so easy to stick to as there is so little room for error - unlike weight watchers and slimming world where you can eat anything as long as you count it - I have my shakes and my small amount of chicken/tuna/fish with veg etc!
Roll on another week - for hopefully another great result at the scales

Friday, 7 May 2010

Hello, Hello, Hello!

Its been one busy week!

Weighed in this week on wednesday - as my consultant had been on holiday and i have lost another 6lbs! AMAZING! I am really pleased that i am doing so well and its keeping me very motivated to continue!

Have been working nights this week - so have been grumpy, tired and this is normally when i give in to treats - but i have declined chocolate fingers, cookies and cake at work this week and i am very proud of myself!

Got a great tip from a colleague the other day that i am now doing! She suggested adding two/three drops of Bio Oil to my daily body moisturiser which will help any stretch marks I may get whilst I am loosing weight... Im doing it now and will have to see if it does work!

Have another weekend off - not planning to go out in the evenings or anything - but im going flying with the air cadets on sunday and going to the local market near hemel on saturday with a friend for a gossip while we look round!
Have a good weekend everyone!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

weekend off!

I have had a weekend off - its seem like its been forever since my last one! (I only get two weekends of every five due to my shift pattern)
I have really enjoyed it - friday went to costco after work to have a mooch around - picked up some chicken which i am allowed on my diet - also some spices and i got a really goof deal on 2 large bottles of bio oil! Very pleased!

Saturday i went to the hairdressers - which was long overdue and had a complete change - cut and colour and highlights, felt great when i walked out...
Then headed over to get my mum a birthday pressie - that took me ages as i never know what to buy her
Had a night in - chilling out in front of the tv - watched new moon instead of britians got talent - anyone else not enjoying this years compared to last years??

Today tried to go to a car boot sale with my dad - but it was rained off - so we went to one of the local garden centres and dad picked up a load of great flowers and plants for the garden - he then dropped me off and i headed into watford - where i went straight to LUSH and brought some bubble bars and bath bombs - some wrapping paper etc for mums pressie and also some dvds from HMV - got home and spent the afternoon watching the following:
Harry Brown - Brilliant movie!
Tattooist - Horror - but as i like tattoos i was kept entertained...
Marine - How could i not enjoy a film with wrestler JOHN CENA in it!
Now im settling down for FIVEUS evening episodes of CSI!!

Weighing in on wed this week as my consultant is on Holiday - think it going fine i have only eaten food thats on the ok list and have been drinking my shakes when needed! Ill let you know - enjoy the bank holiday!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Weigh In...

Hello there...
Well... I went to see my consultant yesterday for my week 2 weigh in! I lost 7lbs! That's 7 of these lumps of fat above! I am shocked and surprised! That makes my loss now 1st 3lbs! In two weeks i think that's pretty impressive!

I did struggle this week with the diet - If I am honest, I have been suffering with some really bad indigestion, nothing like I had before i started the diet but its been uncomfortable.

I spoke to my consultant about it and she thinks that it may have something to do my an intolerance to lactose or wheat! Over the next couple of weeks I am going to try different options and see what changes - this week I am on lactose free shakes - Its only day 1 but i have been noticing the indigestion has died down slightly - but hasn't completely gone away!

I also have to keep a diary of everything i drink (shakes and food) so that she can look and see if something may be irritating me...
Ill have to see how it goes!

Monday, 19 April 2010

The day after the night before..

I survived the night shift without cheating! Yay...
I drank lots of tea and water and was ok - did feel hungry about 5.00am but I went for a short wander and when i came back, had another cup of tea and was ok. When i came home I ate some cottage cheese from my allowance before going straight to bed!

Got up about 1.30ish and met my friend for swimming and spa session! It was good to catch up with her - she is moving to Great Yarmouth soon and we were talking about doing something before she leave etc - shame to see her go but its not that far a drive and i can have a holiday there in the summer!

Going to chill out for the rest of the day now as i have my nans funeral to go to tomorrow - need to get everything sorted as well as i am straight back to work on Wednesday! No rest for the wicked...

Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Night Shift

Ahh, the night shift at work - has gone reasonably quickly (I'm on my last shift) but has been busy then slow, then busy again! All over the place! lol
Its been hard to sleep during the day too as the weather has been soooo nice - felt like i should be out sunbathing rather than in bed.

I have made a boo boo this evening as well - came to work at 10pm to find that i have forgotten my shakes for the shift! Doh! I am going to drink lots of water and tea and if i get really hungry there are some cup of soups in the kitchen i can have. Feel so annoyed with myself for forgetting them - so next shift i am going to being some spare ones in to leave in my locker so this NEVER happens again!

How has everyone been doing this week? Have you all had a good weekend? I have worked nights this weekend - so haven't really done much! By the time i get up in the afternoon and potter around for a while its time to get ready and go back to work. I'm going swimming tomorrow afternoon though! Tomorrow is classed as my day off, so i don't want to sleep through the whole of it! Ill be in the pool by 2pm then in the spa for some RnR!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Weigh In...

I had my first "official" weigh in this morning - it wasn't quite a week but its the only day my consultant can see me as she doesn't work over the weekend.

I lost 5lbs! Which means my total loss for this first week is 9lbs!
This diet is working - i don't feel hungry at all and I'm drinking the water allowance with no problems at all - actually i think that i am drinking far more than 2.5 litres!

This has given me a great boost! I have been struggling with my weight and body image for as long as i can remember now and i think i have finally found something that is going to gt me to goal!

Last night could have been a struggle - I went o my mum and dads before i went to air cadets and my sister walked in with chips - the smell was amazing - but i didn't even have the urge to eat any of them. Then, when i went down to air cadets they were having an activity night and had a BBQ on the go too! Again the smell was great - but i wasn't even tempted, the smell was enough to keep me going - it would never taste as good as it smelt!

I'm off to try and get some kip now - I'm working this evening and want to try and get some Zzz in before sitting up all night! :)

Have a great day!

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Good Morning,
Isn't it a lovely day - the sun is shining and I have a day off to enjoy it! Isn't it a shame that I live in a flat and Im going to have to go to my mum and dads to get access to a garden! lol
Its day 5 of CD now - the only side effect i am getting now is feeling really cold! My consultant explained to me that this is because when you eat normally the body creates heat digesting food etc - when you are on a VLC (Very Low Calorie) diet - there isn't as much work to be done so you can feel the cold more! I have solved this by always having a cardi to hand and wearing PJ's in bed!
Had a cappuccino shake this morning - they are alright, couldn't eat them every morning (this will make you laugh) they are a bit sickly! lol I'm going to mix them with some of the other flavours so i don't eat the same old thing every day.
After going to my mum and dads I am off to Air Cadets - I am a civilian Instructor there - well i have been since the beginning of the year... It was one of my new years resolutions to get out and do more, I was an air cadet when i was younger and thought why not go back to help out now! I have even gone back to my old squadron - there are still people there that i remember which is great!

Everyone have a great day - enjoy the sun if you can and ill see you all soon

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Blog Tidy

I thought that i would re-design my blog today!
So here it is - I have changed some pictures and the template and feel so much better for it (which i know sounds sad), it was like tidying your bedroom - with with so much less effort! lol
Have had a really relaxing day today - after my last blog i have had blade on DVD playing in the background - have been pottering round the flat, washing, cleaning etc - then i had a LUSH Bath Bomb Bath - Which was AMAZING!!

Was in the bath for ages - got out and am now in my cow pj's watching midsommer murders after drinking a Chocolate CD drink (CD = Cambridge Diet) which was like a chocci ovaltine!
Have to try and stay up later this eve as I am going onto nights Friday at work - there is nothing more annoying than falling asleep when a 999 call is coming through - ooops! lol
Anyway - have a lovely evening all!

Results as promised...

I went to meet my consultant last night and after a chat about how i had been feeling over the past few days and what i can do etc in the coming week, i stepped on the scales - well i was surprised 4lb loss! I had weighed with her in the morning to start with and even with an evening weigh in i still have managed to loose a quarter of a stone! Result!

Today I have been experimenting with the small qty of food that i can eat - mixing things up to make different choices. Had the spicy tomato soup of my lunch which was very tasty!
My flat mates have gone on holiday so i am left by myself now for over three weeks! Nice to get the flat to myself but also good as there is no "evil" food in the house that i could possibly cheat on - not that i want to cheat in the first place.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Cambridge Diet


I have started the cambridge diet - i know some of you will start shouting Boo to the screen but conventional dieting was getting me down and i needed to take the too wide option of food out of the equation for a while.

I have been on the diet since sunday - and am please with the results so far - there was talk about possible side effects and apart from some small headache - there is nothing to complain about - even my IBS has improved!

Im off to see my consultant this evening to see how im doing as the first week can be hard - but i dont think i am going to have anything bad to tell her - only ask a load of questions about choices and extras etc

I have tried a variety of the shakes, i dont like the veg soup, not keen on the butterscotch one - but loved the oriental chilli soup - that was yummy!

Well, im off to see my consultant ill post tomorrow about how i have done!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Opening New Doors....

Hello Everyone...

Its been a while - or lets be honest a very long time and I have got to that point where enough is enough. I love my new job, however I have let everything slide and have put the weight back on that I started to loose - so frustrating but the only person that I can blame is myself.

I need to stop making excuses for everything that I do and just start doing the right thing - I know what i need to do - so why am i not doing it??

I am going to start with small goals and work from there - try and loose half a stone at a time - try to exercise every other day for a start and go from there - my biggest problem is i bite too much of the apple and then cant cope with what ive bitten off!

Lets hope the worm has turned and is now on a new leaf!

Im going swimming later - thats a start!
Rachel xx