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Monday, 22 December 2008

Its been a while

Hi there people...

Well what can i say its been a sticky uncomfortable few weeks!
Apologies for not being online and updating my progress but its been hectic to say the least!
I haven't put on any weight (which is a complete blessing) but i haven't lost any either!

Work has been hostile - my boss has taken a disliking to me and I feel totally victimised, but also feel there is nothing i can do about it. Job hunting?? Well i have been - only millions of other people are also doing the same thing due to the credit crunch! Marvellous!

The only blessing I have is I am off work now until the new year so I can take a breather and not let things get to me!

Health wise - I think every bug possible has hit me this year, tonsillitis, cold and then an ear infection, i have felt rough... but I'm on the mend now and by xmas i am hoping to be back to normal!

Only lost 12lbs of my 14lb goal :( but after the couple of weeks I'm please with this result and i will soon be setting a new one for the New Year!

I wish everyone a fantastic Christmas! Enjoy the festive season!!

Rach xxx

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Fat4Now said...

Merry Christmas and good luck for 2009 x