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Monday, 17 November 2008

Another Pound Hits The Dust!

Well hello everyone!!
That lump of disgusting stuff there is 1LB of fat, which i lost today at weigh in!
I am so pleased as i have been feeling so rough and was certain that i was heading for a gain this week... How wrong was i!!
On a day off from work today - weighed in this morning with my Dad! That's right my dad has now joined weightwatchers and within 4 weeks has lost 9lbs, I am proud!
He has been told this week to eat slightly more points so that he can even out his weight loss (i don't think anyone is likely to say that to me!) lol
I have an odd week ahead of me, some stays away and running courses in several places where the food choice isnt the best, i am going to use this day off to Plan PLan PLAN!!
Hope everyone else has had a great week and i will see you all later
Rach xxx


Fat4Now said...

Well done to both of you
great week at the scales
keep it up !!!

5starskinny said...

thats really good for both you and your dad, really put it into perspective when you look at that pic how much a pound really is!!

Fat4Now said...

Merry Christmas

Ps Check blog ;)