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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Birthday Munchies....

to me!!
Oh dear,
This week is not going well at all!
As it was my birthday this week (8th) I have been going out for meals with friends and family and the diet hasnt been going as well as I had planned!
I am writing off this week entirley and I am not going to let it get to me as I am not going to give up just because I have enjoyed my birthday!
Everyone deserves the od treat now and again, allthough I did take it a bit far!

Back on the plan again - plus I am going to do some extra exersises this weekend to try and make up for the extra calorie food!
Ill let you know how it all goes!

Happy Easter everyone!!


Diet Diva said...

i think your site is well laid-out!
i would love to link you on my site for my followers!
would you link my site on yours also?!


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Rachel said...

Thanks for the message, apologies for not replying as I have not been online of late! Sure ill add you to my links!! Rach xxx