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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Another good day at the scales!

Afternoon everyone!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I forget to thank people for taking time to read about whats going on with me.

So....thank you and I hope your enjoying what your reading!

WI this morning - even if I think I have had a reasonably good week, I still feel a bit apprehensive when I step on the scales. I'm not not sure why, perhaps the fear of the unknown and the scales never lie do they??

Well... I needn't of worried about anything as i have lost 2lbs!!

Again, I was very pleased things are starting to move in the right direction (I had a few stale moments over the xmas and new year period) but I have now lost 18lbs!

At my meeting this morning, we have all entered a little "Step into Summer" mini goal... We are allowed to set our own goals which would cover the next nine weeks. This was to help focus everyone due to Easter, and the several bank holidays coming up!

I have decided to go for my 10% goal (19st 9lbs)

Its a few pounds away but its something to aim for and I did need to give myself a small goal to work towards - If I was always working towards my Gold Goal I would always be disappointed as its so far away!

I will come across a few issues this week though! I am going to Wembley tomorrow to watch Luton Town play Scunthorpe United and as I'm in the Bobby Moore Suite we get hospitality included I will have to go easy on the food!

Its my Birthday on Wednesday - Ill be 27! Going out for a meal with the family, but ill be taking my "Eating Out Guide" with me so I can make some good choices rather than going straight for the chocci pudding.

I have planned some exercise though which will give me a few extra points to play with - Pilates this morning - aqua on Monday and Thursday and on Good Friday, the gym and some swimming afterwards!

Lets hope it all works out ok!

Have a great week!
Rach xxx

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