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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Working Hard


I have been working really hard in my new job this week. We have been going through lots of information and I have to be tested on it all on Friday! Im worried that I wont have remembered all of the right information! Stress! lol

Food wise, I have had money issues this week - as when you change a job you have to go for longer without being paid and I have had to eat everything left in fridge/freezer/cupboards and it has been interesting!

Today I had some cous cous and added to it a salmon steak as I had nothing else! Its been hard pointing as I cant really plan what Im eating as I can only choose from certain foods, but lets hope it will be ok.
Plus, I get paid on monday so everything will be back to normal again and I cant wait!

Something that does worry me about my new job.... I am going from working a typical 9-5 job (if you could ever call my old job that!) and ill soon be on a shift pattern that included nights.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to stick to the plan when your up all night??
Any suggestions would be great!

Till next time... x


Enigmanda said...

Alot of people on the boards say that you have to plan a 24hr period, and stick to that time span, and place your normal points within that. OR add up your points over a 7 day period....and work it out that way, and make sure you have eaten a 'weeks worth'of points rather than a days worth.

When I used to work permanent nights, I used to have breakfast when I got home before bed, then a sandwich or something when I got up. I'd eat fruit on the way to work, and then have something sort of cooked at about 3/4am or so.

As far as shift work where you are not permanent nights, I really don't know, as I worked 6 nights a week and 1 off, on a perm basis.

Fat4Now said...

Eat lots when you wake
a bit more before you start work
then very little before you sleep :)

Rachel said...

Thanks guys - all the help is really useful! Im sure for the first few days ill do it all wrong then ill find something that seems to suit me!
:) x