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Saturday, 1 November 2008


Hiya again

Forgot to let you know about my inch-loss!!

I measured myself on week one with the help of my mum, please see below...

Right Upper Arm - 18.5 Inches

Waist - 50.5 Inches (that was a shocker I can tell you!)

Hips - 55 Inches

Right Thigh - 34.5 Inches

Now on week 4 (last week) I measured myself again and the NEW results are as follows!

Right Upper Arm - 17 Inches 1.5 Inches lost!

Waist - 48.5 Inches 2 Inches Lost!

Hips - 54 Inches 1 Inch Lost!

Right Thigh - 33.5 Inches 0.5 Inches Lost!

That's an incredible 5 Inches in 4 weeks!!

I am impressed!

Rach xxx


Belle said...

Wow well done! Who cares about the scales when the tape measure shows how well you have done (we can never not care about the scales).

Fat4Now said...

Well done you.
Some serious reduction going on there :D

Rachel said...

Thank you!!
It does show that the weight really does come off! It can be hard to believe sometimes!