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Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Hi there guys and gals....

I haven't posted in ages and I feel really guilty!
If it wasn't work that was keeping me away, it was the fact that I have tonsillitis and have been feeling sooooooo rough..... not nice I can tell you!

Have been prescribed penicillin which does seem to be working, although I can tell I have some way to go yet! :(

As for my weight watchers journey - I was getting worried as i haven't been able to weight in this week... due to not being able to focus from pain and not being able to get out of bed - however i haven't been naughty food wise either. I purely haven't had the energy to even worry about food! (That was a first and a sure sign I was ill!)

I have been weighing in on my scales at home and there doesn't seem to be a drastic change... which is good news.
I will defiantly be able to go on Monday - so I will soon see!

Update on the Tarot card reading...
There have been some developments... On the three men situation etc but I cant really divulge at the moment!!
You will have to wait a bit longer.... :)

Take care and I everyone is well and not taken down with the bug that is going round!

Rach xxx

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Fat4Now said...

Hope you're feeling better :)