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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year 2009!
I hope that everyone had a fantastic evening and saw in the new year in style!
Me... well I was at home and watched telly while drinking WKD - Watched the new year celebrations in bed and promptly fell asleep! Style?? I think not! lol
I was planning on having a friend over and we were going to have a few bevvies with my flatmate but she cancelled last minute as her son's unwell and I told my flatmate to go see her fiance - Sad i know but its not the end of the world! :)
Weighed myself this morning and according to my scales I have put on 4lbs over the xmas period! I am weighing in on Monday so I will soon see of this is the absolute truth or not!
(I am slightly scared)
New Years Resolutions....
1. To loose weight and stick to the plan
2. To blog more, I keep forgetting and that is not a good enough excuse!
3. To make more time for myself
4. To set realistic goals
5. To not take things to personally (that may take some doing!)

2009 Goals!
1. By Spring (My Birthday April 8th) to Loose 1 stone!
2. By the Summer (The 1st July) to Loose another 1 stone!
3. By Autumn (The 1st October) another 1 stone!
4. By Winter (The 1st Jan 2010) 1 stone!

That's a total of 4 stone for 2009! And I am going to work real hard to make this happen!
I am going to fashion some sort of monitor on this blog!

Good luck everyone this year on your weight loss and goals! Its a brand new year and the slates are wiped clean!

Rach xxx


Sabs said...

Good luck with your goals. Happy new year!

Kate said...

Good luck with your resolutions and goals.
Happy New Year :)

Rachel said...

Thank you!! Same for you both too! This is our year... :)