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Friday, 2 January 2009

You can't stop the beat!


Hope you are all well and feeling refreshed in the new year!
The most energetic thing I have done today is watch Hairspray on DVD!

It is now one of my favourites - its not only all singing and dancing, but for everyone who is carrying a few extra pounds it reminds us that if we put our minds to something we can achieve it!

Plus its a great mood lifter!

I did have a really nice meal today... I am new to the likes of butternut squash. I would look at it with disgust while walking through tesco's! :)
I took the plunge and decided to give one a go as people were always telling me how nice it is!
Well... I had to peel it which was hard enough, then i discovered that there were seeds i had to remove! It was turning out to be more than I bargained for!

However after chopping it into chunks, using the one calorie spray, some salt, pepper and mixed herbs - I roasted them for an hour and it tasted delicious! I will defiantly be buying it again!

Till the next time!

Rach xxx

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