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Friday, 9 January 2009

Issues with the computer!

Hi again!

Apologies for this blog being a bit on the late side - our computer at home has decided to not let us load Internet explorer... every time we click on the icon on our desktop it tries to load and then closes!! Odd (If anyone has any suggestions about what we could do let me know please!)

Weigh in on Monday.... was nervous as I assumed the worst and got to there really early so that on one else could see me if it was as I suspected.
However I was pleasantly surprised as it wasn't as bad a gain as I had expected - 3lbs!
This is a lot better than what I thought and means that I did reasonably well over the course of December! yay!

I hope everyone else has had the same luck or even better, my dad managed to loose 2lb over the Xmas week, that man is determined!

This week has flown by I don't know if anyone else feels the same? I haven't felt great this week either - I have yet another cold with a cough that just wont shift, this has annoyed me as i was planning on getting my exercise back on track but I'm sure I'll feel better and be able to breath properly again soon!

Take Care....

Rach xxx


Sabs said...

Have you tried using firefox?

Bry said...

It might be that it requires resetting, right click in internet esplorer, go to PREFERENCES - ADVANCED & you should see an option at the bottom to reset.. click on it.

If not, it may be that it has an a virus.. run a virus scan x

Rachel said...

Thanks guys... Have seemed to sort it, I think i am going to take it in for a complete clean up then I can be completly sure it wont happen again! x