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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Not much going on...


Thought I would blog to say Hi and keep you updated although nothing much has happened to me that has been remotely interesting! lol

I am still fighting to get rid of my cough and onto my second bottle of cough medicine now - not amused!
I wanted to try Pilate's, people have been telling me how good it was - phoned up the gym to book a place and was told by the lady at reception that it was fully booked! My gym is never fully booked, its on an industrial estate and it pretty much empty at a weekend! Damn New Years Resolutions!!

I'm going to book in for next week instead.... how advanced am I??

This week I am going to Scotland to run a course, its in Rosyth near Edinburgh. Have never been before so I think I will be in for a treat - loads to see and do while I am there!

Rach xxx

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