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Friday, 7 May 2010

Hello, Hello, Hello!

Its been one busy week!

Weighed in this week on wednesday - as my consultant had been on holiday and i have lost another 6lbs! AMAZING! I am really pleased that i am doing so well and its keeping me very motivated to continue!

Have been working nights this week - so have been grumpy, tired and this is normally when i give in to treats - but i have declined chocolate fingers, cookies and cake at work this week and i am very proud of myself!

Got a great tip from a colleague the other day that i am now doing! She suggested adding two/three drops of Bio Oil to my daily body moisturiser which will help any stretch marks I may get whilst I am loosing weight... Im doing it now and will have to see if it does work!

Have another weekend off - not planning to go out in the evenings or anything - but im going flying with the air cadets on sunday and going to the local market near hemel on saturday with a friend for a gossip while we look round!
Have a good weekend everyone!


soggywetlettuceleaf said...

Wow! 6lbs - well done!

Thanks for the bio oil tip, i must admit i've been wondering what i'm going to do with those pesky stretch marks, think i'll be treating my self to some this weekend :)

Rachel said...

Thanks hun - its all coming off and that all im worried about! The Bio Oil is great - it does seem to be making a difference to my skin -much softer than normal and the stretch marks - well time will tell! x x