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Sunday, 2 May 2010

weekend off!

I have had a weekend off - its seem like its been forever since my last one! (I only get two weekends of every five due to my shift pattern)
I have really enjoyed it - friday went to costco after work to have a mooch around - picked up some chicken which i am allowed on my diet - also some spices and i got a really goof deal on 2 large bottles of bio oil! Very pleased!

Saturday i went to the hairdressers - which was long overdue and had a complete change - cut and colour and highlights, felt great when i walked out...
Then headed over to get my mum a birthday pressie - that took me ages as i never know what to buy her
Had a night in - chilling out in front of the tv - watched new moon instead of britians got talent - anyone else not enjoying this years compared to last years??

Today tried to go to a car boot sale with my dad - but it was rained off - so we went to one of the local garden centres and dad picked up a load of great flowers and plants for the garden - he then dropped me off and i headed into watford - where i went straight to LUSH and brought some bubble bars and bath bombs - some wrapping paper etc for mums pressie and also some dvds from HMV - got home and spent the afternoon watching the following:
Harry Brown - Brilliant movie!
Tattooist - Horror - but as i like tattoos i was kept entertained...
Marine - How could i not enjoy a film with wrestler JOHN CENA in it!
Now im settling down for FIVEUS evening episodes of CSI!!

Weighing in on wed this week as my consultant is on Holiday - think it going fine i have only eaten food thats on the ok list and have been drinking my shakes when needed! Ill let you know - enjoy the bank holiday!

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