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Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Hope everyone is ok and doing well - how great is it that the sun is finally here! God knows how long this going to last but as i have a couple of days off I am going to enjoy it - if we count last summer sun - it will be gone by the weekend!! lol
Diet has been going well - trying a few other flavour this week as i have not been feeling (enjoying) the soups as much as i have been - perhaps its coz the weather has got warmer - trying as many as I can to find ones that id like - the fruits if the forest and strawberry are quite good - ill be trying some more next week!

Im going swimming and also to the cinema while being off - need to start doing some exercise now im shifting this weight so i dont start to sag - that is one of my fears - ive seen articles in mags about people that have got loose skin and thats something i really dont want!

Have a great weekend!

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