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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Blog Tidy

I thought that i would re-design my blog today!
So here it is - I have changed some pictures and the template and feel so much better for it (which i know sounds sad), it was like tidying your bedroom - with with so much less effort! lol
Have had a really relaxing day today - after my last blog i have had blade on DVD playing in the background - have been pottering round the flat, washing, cleaning etc - then i had a LUSH Bath Bomb Bath - Which was AMAZING!!

Was in the bath for ages - got out and am now in my cow pj's watching midsommer murders after drinking a Chocolate CD drink (CD = Cambridge Diet) which was like a chocci ovaltine!
Have to try and stay up later this eve as I am going onto nights Friday at work - there is nothing more annoying than falling asleep when a 999 call is coming through - ooops! lol
Anyway - have a lovely evening all!

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