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Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Night Shift

Ahh, the night shift at work - has gone reasonably quickly (I'm on my last shift) but has been busy then slow, then busy again! All over the place! lol
Its been hard to sleep during the day too as the weather has been soooo nice - felt like i should be out sunbathing rather than in bed.

I have made a boo boo this evening as well - came to work at 10pm to find that i have forgotten my shakes for the shift! Doh! I am going to drink lots of water and tea and if i get really hungry there are some cup of soups in the kitchen i can have. Feel so annoyed with myself for forgetting them - so next shift i am going to being some spare ones in to leave in my locker so this NEVER happens again!

How has everyone been doing this week? Have you all had a good weekend? I have worked nights this weekend - so haven't really done much! By the time i get up in the afternoon and potter around for a while its time to get ready and go back to work. I'm going swimming tomorrow afternoon though! Tomorrow is classed as my day off, so i don't want to sleep through the whole of it! Ill be in the pool by 2pm then in the spa for some RnR!

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