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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Cambridge Diet


I have started the cambridge diet - i know some of you will start shouting Boo to the screen but conventional dieting was getting me down and i needed to take the too wide option of food out of the equation for a while.

I have been on the diet since sunday - and am please with the results so far - there was talk about possible side effects and apart from some small headache - there is nothing to complain about - even my IBS has improved!

Im off to see my consultant this evening to see how im doing as the first week can be hard - but i dont think i am going to have anything bad to tell her - only ask a load of questions about choices and extras etc

I have tried a variety of the shakes, i dont like the veg soup, not keen on the butterscotch one - but loved the oriental chilli soup - that was yummy!

Well, im off to see my consultant ill post tomorrow about how i have done!

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