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Thursday, 15 April 2010


Good Morning,
Isn't it a lovely day - the sun is shining and I have a day off to enjoy it! Isn't it a shame that I live in a flat and Im going to have to go to my mum and dads to get access to a garden! lol
Its day 5 of CD now - the only side effect i am getting now is feeling really cold! My consultant explained to me that this is because when you eat normally the body creates heat digesting food etc - when you are on a VLC (Very Low Calorie) diet - there isn't as much work to be done so you can feel the cold more! I have solved this by always having a cardi to hand and wearing PJ's in bed!
Had a cappuccino shake this morning - they are alright, couldn't eat them every morning (this will make you laugh) they are a bit sickly! lol I'm going to mix them with some of the other flavours so i don't eat the same old thing every day.
After going to my mum and dads I am off to Air Cadets - I am a civilian Instructor there - well i have been since the beginning of the year... It was one of my new years resolutions to get out and do more, I was an air cadet when i was younger and thought why not go back to help out now! I have even gone back to my old squadron - there are still people there that i remember which is great!

Everyone have a great day - enjoy the sun if you can and ill see you all soon

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