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Tuesday, 10 March 2009



I wasnt impressed with my hotel stay to be honest - the room was lovely and the service was great however there wasnt enough selection of foods for me on the restaurant to be able to make a decent choice. Chips were served with everything and they didnt seem to know what a Jacket Potato was!

Needless to day I got by ok - after caving in and eating some of the chips... Woops
I havent got to weigh in until sat this week, due to work etc so i have a few days to make up for it!Im going to go swimming after work today and claw back some of those extra points!! lol

Have a good week!

Rach xxx


wildeone said...

I'm sure you'll be able to ake up for a 'few chips' along the rest of your week!

Goodluck for WI!

J x x x

Rachel said...

Well... I paid for it with a 1Lb gain the week after! Damn it! lol