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Sunday, 29 March 2009

A little less of Rachel....

Morning all,

Have been swimming this morning, Im on the ball today! Shame I wasn't when I woke up, completely forgot about the clocks going forward! Good job I didn't have any appointments booked!

Last night I measured myself again to see if any more inches had fallen off since the last time I checked...

Previous Measurements:
Upper Right Arm = 17 inches
Waist = 48.5 inches
Hips = 54 inches
Right Thigh = 33.5 inches

New Measurements:
Upper Right Arm = 16 inches - 1 Inch Lost!
Waist = 48 inches - 0.5 Inches Lost!
Hips = 54 inches
Right Thigh = 33.5 inches

So, only a slight change, but that is still 1.5 inches less of me than before!!

Plus including the last time i measured that's a total loss of 6.5 inches which I'm really happy with - slowly but surely my body is changing for the better!

Right, I need to get organised as my flatmates are coming home from holiday tomorrow and I said I would run a few errands for them!

Take Care,
Rach xx

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