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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mothers Day Meal


Happy Mother's Day to all Mum's out there I hope you are having a wonderful day!

I have had a great day and its been weightwatchers recipes all the way!
I made my mum a recipe that is in the new weightwatchers magazine - Pineapple and mint smoothie.
You need:
Mint leaves (ideally fresh)
Natural Yoghurt
Blend it all together and add a tiny bit of sugar if the pineapple is a bit tart!

I made it this morning for my mum (as a breakfast treat) and she loved it, plus I have got the rest for breakfast tomorrow morning - plus its only 2 points per serving! Yum...

Later on I started cooking the Roast Lamb, which I have never cooked before and was a little wary of doing so, but I needn't of worried as it turned out to be really nice, slightly pink in the middle and really tasty and I had pierced the leg and inserted garlic and rosemary before roasting it!
I put with it loads of roasted veg - butternut squash / corgettes / onion / parsnips / broccoli. I added some one cal spray so that it didnt stick to the pan and roasted nicely and also sprinked some garlic and a vegetable oxo cube. Which gives it some good flavouring!

Mum said that she really enjoyed it, and that's good enough for me - plus as everything we have eaten today was cooked from a weighwatchers recipe it was easy to point and none of us have gone over our points - I have 5 and a half to spare!

I am still being hot with my tracking and jotting everything down, then updating the weightwatchers esource tracker in the evening. I have also started to label everything in my kitchen with points values to make sure that anything i use has the points on it and I can add everything up quickly and easily!

Well, I'm just about to watch CSI as I missed last weeks episode - enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

Rach xxx

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