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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Weigh in...

Hi again...

I went to the WI meeting this morning with high hopes as I though I had done well this week. I have stuck to tracking and it really helped me - I know I keep banging on about it, but it really does work and it has given me more motivation as I can see the results!

I lost another 3lbs this week! This means in total I have lost 16lbs which means I have at long last hit my 1 stone target!


This also means that I have reached by 5% target as well, which has given me a great boost!

I have more motivation that ever now and am going to push forward for more good WI results like the past couple of weeks...

I was reading some of the community threads on the WW website and I came across one that was talking about goals and how long it would take to reach them.

I worked out that if i loose an average of 2lbs a week (giving myself a few weeks for xmas and birthdays etc) I would reach my goal weight of 10stone 7lbs by December 2010.
I know this a long way off, but I need to do things slow and steady - I have a lot of weight to loose and it not going to come off overnight!

I am going to plan my meals for the whole week this afternoon - I don't normally shop on a weekly basis as I like to do it once a month. However I have been finding after about two weeks I am running out of the basics as well as fruit and veg and am spending more than ever of food.
When I get paid this month I am going to plan each week in advance and then go and buy exactly what I need - this way I can only eat whats there and there is no room for cheating by snacking on rubbish I have picked up on the way round Tesco!

I also made the honey roasted swede soup that was in the little magazine you get each week at the weigh in... it was really tasty and the good thing, I have three portions left to enjoy! lol

Have a great week everyone - I hope your weigh in's all go as well as mine!

Rach xxx

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