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Sunday, 22 February 2009


Good Morning...

I have been researching on the best way to train and prepare for Race for Life and I think I'm going to go with the treadmill, walking and then a light jog as well as warming up on the cross trainer and cooling down on the bikes... If i did this 2/3 times a week I should be ok for 3 miles come May.

I have been a bit complacent with exercise lately though... With the hours I have been working and the fact I'm ill again, i keep putting it off. I haven't been able to make my pilates classes as I have been working weekends which is frustrating as I really enjoy them!

I think I'm going to research pilates/yoga on the Internet and make up my own workout that I can do at home at least I can do something when I cant go to class! The walking and jogging I will HAVE to fit in on the way home from work etc and be more determined to go.

Targets for this week...

1. Use the slow cooker to make a casserole etc so I don't have to cook when I get home.
2. Make a pilates workout from the Internet and do 20/30mins every other night.
3. Get to the gym 3 times this week for Race for Life training.

Well I must start as I mean to go on and start looking at the net for tips!

Rach xxx

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