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Saturday, 21 February 2009


Hope everyone is ok...

Feeling on the rough side at the mo, I have picked up my flat mates cold and am going to through tissues like nobody's business! lol
My hair appointment yesterday was great, I love my new hair do! Will have to take some pics so you can have a peek!

Taking my sis shopping today as it was her birthday last week. Have prepared for eating out by having a large breakfast plus im going to take a few low cal snacks with me in case I get the urge to eat rubbish!
I had scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast, plus my usual two cups of coffee! Does anyone know the best type of sweetener to use, I am still finding it hard to drink my coffee without normal sugar, the sweetener gives it a really odd taste...

Got some good news yesterday, but cannot divulge just yet as I need it confirmed then I can let you all in!

Have a good day people - :)

Rach xxx

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