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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Weigh in...


Well I took the plunge, held my breath and went back to weigh in this morning!

I was pleasantly surprised as I have lost 2lbs! This is really good news as I was really expecting the worst, that I had put on loads and wasn't looking forward to it at all.

I was surprised and re-motivated, all my previous hard work had still paid off and I could carry on with out having to focus on the damage I had caused.

I stayed to the meeting - met some really nice people, we were talking about filling foods, points and planning ahead which is something I am going to focus on this week!

I did manage to find some pliates on the net and downloaded a free e-book - Plus Im going to the gym and yoga tomorrow, so I'm back on track! Yay...
Have a good weekend everyone, Im still feeling pretty rough with this cold so I'm staying in this weekend to relax!
Rach xxx


wildeone said...

Well done! a 2 lb loss is great esp. when your thought it would be a gain!!

Enjoy been back on track!

Rachel said...

Thank you... Its all go now from here! Need to keep motivated! :) x