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Friday, 3 October 2008

First Time for everyone!

Hello, and thank you for visiting my new blog...

I have never tried anything like this before, but i thought i would give it a go as i have been reading some other weight watchers members blogs and it has inspired me! I hope this can do the same for someone!

I joined weight watchers on Monday (I'm not going to lie is wasn't the first time I had joined) and when I stepped on the scales I thought I was going to die

21st 11lbs!

That's not news I found easy to swallow, nearly shed a few tears!

However, I am determined this time that I am going to change. I recently split up with my partner and this has made me re-access my whole life and what I want from it... and I want to be slimmer and healthier!

I have always had issues with weight, I think it stems from me giving up Judo at 17 and never really doing any form of real exercise since.

I'm 26 now... have been told I have polysistic ovaries and if i don't loose weight it could limit my chances of having children.

Talk about motivation!

I have set myself with a target of 10% (which is 30lbs) to aim for first, and my mini goal is to loose a stone before christmas!

In my blog, Ill keep you updated on my weight watcher weigh In's and how I'm doing generally!

Wish me Luck

Rach xxx


Kate said...

Good luck with your weight loss! I was shocked at how much I'd put on when I first started but it seems much more achieveable now x

MissB said...


I'm doing WW and PCOS too. It certainly does give extra motivation!! x