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Friday, 3 October 2008


Hello again...

Have just been to the doctors, I was having an implant removed from my arm (there is no point in keeping it now I have no boyfriend! lol)

She weighed me... again I held my breath, and according to the doctors records I am lighter than I was a few months ago, which I am taking as a good sign!

I told her about rejoining weight watchers and she wished me well! Yay!
Then she took the implant out, and I have three steri-strips and a bandage on my arm now! :(

Rach xxx

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Bryher Hill said...

Sounds like my experience of having my implant removed. Dr had to dig around in my arm to get it though and I had a nice bruise! 2 weeks on I have a tiny scar. I also have another scar next to it where the plaster pulled my skin off where it had been stuck on!!! Good luck with WW :o)