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Saturday, 4 October 2008


Good Morning!

My arm is killing me! Plus the bandage keep slipping off - Marvelous!

I'm off out this evening, but there is a strong chance a take-away is going to be involved which I am going to find hard... I may offer to cook then I can control what i am eating! I don't want to ruin things so early on!

I am also proud of myself as I am going to drive this evening... this means I cannot be tempted by that lovely alcohol and also means I can get home - kipping on someone else's sofa isn't that comfortable!

Right, I'm keeping this short and sweet today... don't want to ramble on. Wish me luck as I am going to get the PS2 Dance mat out and use my Britney Spears dance mat game - I'll probably break my neck! lol

Rach xxx

Ps, another pic, this one is from my holiday to Turkey in June! Ignore Monkey! lol

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