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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Jaffa Cakes?


Was feeling so much better today after that nasty headache, so I managed to eat 5 jaffa cakes in very quick secession!
Do I feel guilty?? Not one bit - I washed them down with a nice cup of rosy lea and enjoyed every single one!! :)

I have also been promised by one of my trainees, some home cooked onion bahji's when I see him next (which is in two weeks time) and i cant wait! Ill have to point them into my diet as best I can!!

Is it normal to think about nothing but food when your first start weight watchers??

I wake up thinking about food, my next thought is about lunch, then a mid afternoon snack, followed by dinner, dinner and more dinner!!

I'm sure this phase will pass - kind of like a honeymoon period in a relationship, but unlike that I want these constant thoughts about food to leave me alone!!

I'm going to love ya and leave ya - otherwise i'll be here all night!!

Rach xxx


shrinkingmel said...

its perfectly normal to think about food an awful lot, i still do..lol

Smasher Girl said...

i dont think thinking of food is that uncommon.....when i was eating good and exercising (a long time ago in a galaxy far far away) i would have nightmares that i was eating and eating and breaking my diet...like id dream i ate a whole stack of pancakes and then freak out because i realized i should be on a diet....i read that recovering drug addicts have similar dreams.

Rachel said...

Thank god! Your comments have put my mind at ease!! I thought i was the only one!!