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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Busy Weekend!


I Have been so busy this past weekend - I haven't had time to think about 'snacking' etc!
I worked this weekend, so have been running an admin course friday and saturday... The course went well and I think the trainees enjoyed themselves as well as learning a thing or two!

Food wise, I was too tired when I got in from work to snack on anything bad points wise, I made a really nice bacon and cheese pasta which lasted for both days - Yum!!
Watched X Factor, which was brilliant, some really good contenders this year - however was gutted when Bad Lashes was sent home, as one of the girl's is the daughter of one of my companies Regional Managers. The whole company was routing for them, but it obviously wasn't enough! :( Nevermind!

Had a great nights sleep and it was up and visiting another wedding show with my flat mate (the bride) and her mum on Sunday. It was at Hatfield House, Herts and we had a really good time! There was a fashion show there, which displayed some really beautiful dresses - a Bag Pipe player, a classical singer and a guy who could really play the bongos! It was really entertaining... plus we have managed to save £50 off the budget! Yay! I am getting better at this PA job I have been given!
I did however eat a really yummy raspberry and white chocolate muffin when we stopped for a drink at the restaurant! I really don't know what came over me! Damn the temptation - I need to be stronger! lol

I am slightly worried about my weigh in tomorrow - purely because I lost so much last week and I want to do well, I am frightened to fail!.
I haven't exercised this week at all, I could say that I haven't had the time, but honestly I was tired when I got in from work this week and couldn't be bothered (must NOT do that again next week)
Ill be happy with just a 1lb loss! Anything more than that is a complete bonus!

I have set myself a goal for Christmas - Loose 14lbs I think this is achievable and I will keep you updated on my progress...

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Rach xxx

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Smasher Girl said...

good luck on your weigh in! sounds like things are going great! some times being too busy can be a good thing.