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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Helping a friend...

Today has been a really weird day!!

I have been really hungry all day for no known reason! The only thing I can think of is that because I lost 6lbs at this weeks weigh in - and I want to keep it up, I am subconsciously not eating enough! Who knows!!

I went to one of my branches for a scheduled visit today and the sh*t had hit the fan - all hell had let loose as the managers daughter had taken money from the branch safe and the manager was beside herself - party because she knew that something like this would cost her her job!

That was not a nice situation to walk into this morning - but at least I wasn't thinking about food!

Once I got home, I checked out facebook and was really touched by some of the really nice comments friends and family had sent me about my weight loss - made me smile!

I am off to one of my friends houses tonight, she has recently split up with her partner and our task this eve is to put all of his belongings into boxes for him to collect... I thought that she should have someone with her who knows the effects of recent heartbreak! (I'm doing surprisingly well actually)

Lets just hope she doesn't want to order a take-away!! Aaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Below are some more pictures of me before I started this incredible journey!!

More tomorrow - Rach xxx

I liked this pic - shame James is in it though, could replace him with John Cena and some digital photoshop! lol

On holiday in turkey - I was knackered as I had walked ages to get to the castle and up the steepest hill ever... it was worth it for the views though!

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