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Friday, 24 October 2008

The weekend at last!


My god! It has been one long week!

I have been pretty good this week - gym plan has been set up and haven't eaten anything disastrous...

Body Jam this week at my new gym was brilliant! I enjoyed it so much and would defiantly recommend it to everyone! The only way i can describe it, is dancing aerobic style!

We salsa'd for the warm up, then did some hip hop and club moved for the main session and then cooled down to Nickelbacks 'I wanna be a rock star'

I was knackered when it finished, but the sweat and tiredness was sooooo worth it!

Watching the wrestling at the mo (it has to be WWE) HHH and the undertaker are about to have a showdown! Im a John Cena Fan myself, how can you not love his bod! lol

Oh - and i must apologies to my nominees for the I LOVE YOUR BLOG award, i didn't message/comment people.... I broke the rules! Damn it! Sorry guys and gals

Rach xxx

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