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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Day before weigh in!


I was initially worried about last night and the thoughts that I would be eating some kind of high pointing fast food - I don't know what i was worried about as I had a chicken kebab with loads of salad, problem solved!

My arm is not hurting anymore, but itching - should I be worried about this?? I know people say itching is a sign of healing but one does wonder!

Food wise I have done ok today, yogurt and fruit for brekkie and pitta and humous for lunch... this eve I have a chicken stir fry planned - listen out for the fire alarm!

I have been appointed as my flat mates PA (wedding planner) for her upcoming wedding in 2010 and today we went to a wedding fair in Watford for some ideas.
I must say, I have never been to a wedding fair before - and I was impressed, we got a little goddie bad when we arrived with brochures and magazines in.
As we walked around we weren't harassed by hard selling sales staff, but were able to ask questions and take leaflets etc in our own time.
I will say there was a huge chocolate fountain there that my flatmate has fallen in love with and is definitely going to book! Will have to save a fair few weight watchers points for that eve then! lol

Its my first weigh in tomorrow evening and I am slightly anxious about how I have done. One thing I am not going to do is weigh on my home scales as it will give me an incorrect view and i may get excited/depressed for no reason at all! I must stay strong!!

Going to spend this eve at home with Harry Potter (On tv tonight) then its back to work on Monday - marvelous!

Ill let you know how i did at weigh in... Wish me luck!

Rach xxx

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