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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Another loose!


Sorry for no posting yesterday - By the time I got in from WW I was tired, had some dinner and zonked out in front of the telly! Is this really my life!! lol

I lost 3lbs this week!! I am SO pleased. This makes 9lbs in total now, I am finally following the plan properly (why has it taken so long for me to do this??) and I am feeling really positive!

Made a couple of phone calls yesterday about joining a local gym.
I was a member of a local one, but kept finding it was a nightmare to get into the classes (you had to phone up at 9am 7 days in advance to get in!!) The swimming pool was always chocca, plus most evenings the pool is closed to the public for galas and schools etc (is that really worth the cash??)

I phoned a private gym called Esporta, check out the
website http://www.esporta.com/ it looks amazing!
The guy I spoke to was really nice and told me about everything they offer - something I am always worried out when I go to a gym is 'gym people'. The only way to describe them, is people who practically live there and give evils to others like me 'not skinny and all muscles' I think its a have to be there experience!! lol But from what he told me, everyone is really nice - plus at the weekends hardly anyone is there (as it is on an industrial estate and used mainly by the local companies)

Well, I mist admit I was impressed, but somewhere that nice has to be expensive doesn't it?? Ill find out on sunday as I am going for a tour and consultation - Ill keep you posted!

Take Care
Rach xxx